Great Value Wines for your Happy Hours


Join us for an afternoon of wines that offer great value, and superior taste for their price and easy French-themed snacks to go-with. We’ll sample bubbles, whites, and reds, from lighter to full-bodied. We'll travel the world of wines that are easily accessible in Ontario, from both Old World and New World countries, and several different grapes, will be explored. If you want to create a wine wish list with a bang, chat informally about the world of wine, and learn a few “go to” snacks to pair with your wine, this is the evening for you.

All wines will be in the $10-$20 sweet spot, ideal for all your entertaining needs and all readily available at the LCBO. Wines will be matched with tasty dishes you'll learn to make through the evening (a mixture of hands-on and demonstration dishes). Neil Phillips of will talk you through the pairings. Impress your friends with your wine knowledge and wow their palates with some dishes to match!

When: Sunday, September 25 from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Tickets: $125.19
Contact info:

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