St. Lawrence Market Complex


Customer Feedback Policy & Procedures


The St. Lawrence Market Complex is a key asset of the City of Toronto and is widely recognized as one of the world's top food markets. Year round we welcome Toronto residents and visitors to experience the Market and are always looking forward to hearing what made the experience extra special or how we can improve to better serve shoppers.

Whether you talk to our staff in person at the Market or our Administration Office, or contact us through the telephone or email, our staff have been trained to provide service that is considerate, knowledgeable, timely, and helps you resolve your concerns or address any questions you may have.

We value your feedback and welcome any comments you may have to help improve the St. Lawrence Market.

The St. Lawrence Market Complex is managed by the City of Toronto's Real Estate Services Division and follows the processes outlined by the City and this managing Division.


St. Lawrence Market Complex:
Customer Feedback Standard


All feedback will be acknowledged within two business days. Please note that when we acknowledge feedback by letter mail, letters will be sent out within two business days, but delivery time is dependent on the postal system.


Telephone and voice mail

  • Telephone calls will be returned within one business day. Personal voice mail greetings will be courteous, give the caller as much information as possible and request callers to leave a detailed message.
  • Voice mail boxes are cleared daily. Recorded vacation or absence messages will provide a co-worker's name and contact information as backup while out of the office.
  • Callers will be assisted and if needed, will be directed to the correct area. Callers will not be transferred to another voice mail box without being made aware.
  • Customers calling the correct area will have their issue resolved by involving as few staff as possible.




All emails will be acknowledged within two business days. Vacation or absence messages will be activated providing a co-worker's name and contact information as backup while out of the office.




We place a high priority on your feedback and address complaints in the most prompt and appropriate method when they are received from all members of the public.

To make a formal complaint through the City of Toronto's Real Estate Services Complaints & Compliments Process customers are able to submit a Complaint Tracking Form.


Compliments & Accolades


Are you interested in sharing an extraordinary experience or story about the St. Lawrence Market? The St. Lawrence Market Administration Office greatly appreciates any positive feedback you have and wishes to congratulation staff and merchants when they have made your day.




Feedback will be dealt with in a confidential manner according to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Act.


If you have a suggestion, compliment or complaint


Talk to our Administration Office staff:

Call the Administration Office at 416-392-7219. The office is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Administration staff will address inquiries promptly and involve the most appropriate staff based on the nature of the feedback received. St. Lawrence Market Management will be consulted when appropriate and aim to answer any questions or resolve issues.

Email our Administration Office team:

Contact the Administration Office team via email at Email inquiries will be responded to within 2 business days. The Administration Team can also forward inquiries to St. Lawrence Market Management when required.

Discuss the matter with Senior Management

In the event that the Administration Office team is unable to resolve the issue, you can make an inquiry through the City of Toronto's Real Estate Services Division. Inquiries submitted through the Corporate Real Estate Management Complaints & Compliments Process are submitted to senior management, through the Director or Real Estate Services.