About St. Lawrence Market

It’s one of the world’s great markets – each merchant a square on a lively and authentic patchquilt. The mothers, sons, fathers and daughters whose hard work and passion for food and their craft make up the collective story of the Market. You’re here, and part of the story. There’s so much to see, taste and discover – now, where to begin?

The St. Lawrence Market Complex today is comprised of three main buildings: The South Market, the North Market and St. Lawrence Hall. Their main purposes are described in brief below.

The South Market

The main and lower levels of the South Market contain over 120 specialty vendors, known for the variety and freshness of their fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, grains, baked goods and dairy products, as well as for the uniqueness of the non-food items for sale.

The second floor of the South Market is home to the Market Gallery, an exhibition space for the City of Toronto's Cultural Services.

The North Market

The North Market is primarily known for its Saturday Farmers' Market, a tradition begun on this site in 1803 and continuing today, as the producers of Southern Ontario bring their seasonal produce to market in the city.

On Sundays, over 80 antique dealers fill the North Market and the surrounding plaza, displaying their wares from dawn to 5 p.m. Admission is free.

Every other day, the 10,000 square feet of modern showroom space in the North Market is available to rent for promotional functions, flea markets, displays, large social gatherings, meetings and exhibitions. Rental information is available here.

St. Lawrence Hall

St. Lawrence Hall, built in 1850, today houses retail businesses on the ground floor and City offices on the second floor. The third floor, restored in 1967 as the City of Toronto's Centennial project contains the Great Hall which, with the ancillary rooms, is available for rental for weddings and other special events.