The Stonemill Bakehouse Ltd
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Owner:Canada Bread
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St. Lawrence Market, Lower Level B31
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Payment Methods:
cash and debit

The Stonemill Bakehouse Ltd


Stonemill Bakehouse has been at its Market location for over 15 years and Don has been with the company since 1995. They are well known for their fresh, organic and whole grain breads, buns, rolls, and muffins. Their delicious pastries and other treats are made fresh daily. They offer over 40 kinds of bread. Many of their products are baked on-site, but most are baked daily at their large bakehouse in Scarborough.

Saturday is their busiest day, with huge crowds of loyal, repeat customers lining up at the three cash registers to buy fresh breads and treats. Many customers have become friends over the years, and quite often meet celebrities, tourists and famous chefs shopping for the wonderful breads. On Saturdays they sell out all their stock by the late afternoon.