Witteveen Meats
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Owner:Doug Witteveen
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St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 27
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Debit, visa ,mastercard, amex and cash

Witteveen Meats


Did you know Beef starts at grade level A? It then goes up to AA, next is the top grade of AAA. Doug Witteveen sells Beef starting at the best quality AAA Beef.  He also brings you the finest selection of Certified Black Angus Beef and Canadian Prime Beef. He takes great pride in making sure your every meal is delicious. 

 Customers often return each week to purchase our large assortment of Handmade Items: Marinated Shish Kabobs, Flavoured Jumbo Sausages & Flavoured Burgers. Be sure to try the fresh Sliced Bacon made from Doug's original recipe created 40 years ago. 

 Come join us on Friday or Saturday and enjoy our Famous Sweet Glazed Smoked Back Bacon and Slow Roasted Side Bacon. One bite and you'll be hooked!  

 Witteveen Meats - selling the highest quality of Beef, Pork & Poultry Products for 65 years.  Family owned & operated. 

 Witteveens also carry a wide selection of Local, Growth Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Certified Organic products.