Phil's Place
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Owner:Kay Rhee
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St. Lawrence Market, Lower Level B10
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Phil's Place


Phil’s Place was established in 1982 in its current location. It was always a colour­ful, lively place with an array of fruits and vegetables from all over the world. It was the first place people saw such exotics and rarities in the produce world. The name Phil’s Place has been a marquee brand of the St.Lawrence Market for its long history and excellence.

The Kim family are the third owners of this gourmet produce establishment. Not only have they kept the name, but they have also kept the tradition of importing wonderful produce from all over the world since the new millennium. Within the community, Phil’s Place has gained the respect of many renowned chefs, caterers, restaurants and photographers from all over the globe.

Many restaurants and caterers count on Phil’s Place to supply the perfect produce to satisfy their clients and exceed all expectations. The quality and variety of their produce puts them ahead of other retailers. They have the largest selection of herbs, flowers, mushrooms, root vegetables, exotic fruits and vegetables, sprouts and heirloom vegetables that brighten any recipe and/or plate for those who love to cook. They also have fresh dates and figs from the Mediterranean, and a new hit, edible flowers.

Phil’s Place is a strong supporter of our local farmers and is one of the only stores in the city to carry such a large variety and quantity of local produce (when in season). Whenever any type of local fruit or vegetable is available, Phil’s is one of the first places to receive local farm fresh products direct from the farmers so you know that its quality and freshness is beyond any doubt.

They prepare fresh fruit salads in containers to take out for lunch. Healthy and tasty too! Fruit and veggie platters can also be arranged for any size or number of people to compliment any party, meeting or conference.