Rube's Rice
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Owner:Aida Koduzi
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St. Lawrence Market, Lower Level B12 / B15
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Payment Methods:
cash only

Rube's Rice


Rube is one of the oldest vendors in the Market (he was born in 1921!) and a living testament to the health benefits of eating lots of rice. His was the first business to open in the South Market basement in the early 1970’s. (Before then, the lower level was used as storage for the upstairs businesses.) He built his customer base of health conscious individuals by offering the largest selection of gourmet rice, in bulk, from around the world. He also carries dried peas, lentils and beans, as well as a large variety of grains, flours, cereals and trail mixes, also in bulk. He also offers a range of gluten-free flavoured pastas for those with food allergies, and rice noodles.

Rube has many loyal, regular customers who know they can find rare varieties of rice amidst the largest selection of rices in Canada (if not North America). Many have become old friends. Rube had a large family and the business helped all his children through University and on to be successful in many fields.