Farmer's Market
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Farmer's Market


Farmer's / South Market
The Market Lot
Front & Jarvis
Front & Church
Jarvis & Wellington

St. Lawrence Hall
The Market Lot
Front & Jarvis

Market Hours
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Antiques Market:
Sunday - 5am to 5pm


Farmer's Market:
Saturday - 5am to 3pm

South Market:
Tuesday to Friday – 9am to 5pm
Saturday – 5am to 4pm
Sunday & Monday – Closed

Holiday Hours:
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What we're

3:13pm - June 9th 2013

@KaylynNeely Yes we do. We partner with the local small business Wireless Toronto Enjoy!

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Monogram at the Market Kitchen

at the
Market Kitchen

Meet our Merchants

Get to know our merchants and farmers who take care to remember what you enjoy, and are always happy to recommend something new.

Meet our Merchants
Meet our Merchants